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School Nurse

Heritage School Nurse
Stacey Shaw, RN

Telephone: 508-248-4884 ext. 232
Fax: 508-248-1109

Mobile Dentist coming to Heritage School May 7, 2024;

return permission form by April 16, 2024.


School Year Information from the Nurse

Dear Heritage School Families,


The main reasons for keeping your child home are:

  • If he/she is too sick to be comfortable at school
  • If he/she will spread a contagious illness/disease to another child

A child should stay at home:

  • If the fever is greater than 100 degrees F. (must be fever free for 24 hours without medication)
  • If vomiting and /or diarrhea has occurred within the last 24 hours.
  • If a child has a frequent, persistent cough.
  • If a child has a persistent pain (stomach, ear, etc.)
  • If a child has a rash of unknown origin (must be seen by doctor and a note is required stating “noncontagious” or “being treated” prior to returning to school)
  • If Strep Throat Infection or Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) has been diagnosed by a physician with antibiotics ordered – child must remain out of school for 24 hours after antibiotics have been started.
  • If your student has been diagnosed by a physician with any contagious conditions (COVID-19, flu, hand-foot-mouth disease, Molluscum, stomach bug/gastroenteritis, strep throat, pink eye, Fifth disease, lice, and ringworm) please contact the school nurse.

Medications:  Medications-Please do not send medications to school with your child, this also includes cough
drops. If your child needs medication at school please contact me and we can make arrangements for you to get the proper paperwork. 

Vison screenings:  Beginning Oct. 10th, screenings will be done on grade 2-4 students, hearing screenings on grade 2 & 3 students and heights & weights on grade 4 students. You may opt your child out of these screenings by sending written notification to the school nurse.

 Healthy Foods:  We promote healthy snacks every day and this means Healthy Celebrations as well.  We ask all families to avoid sending in any baked goods, whether home or commercially prepared, this will have the added benefit of protecting students who have food allergies, diet restrictions or chronic diseases. See our healthy snack/celebration attached sheet for food suggestions. Instead of food classrooms celebrate birthdays with special book readings, stickers, pencils etc. Teachers have great ideas and your planning is welcome as well!

Grade 3 & 4 Physical Exams:  Massachusetts State law mandates children in 3rd grade have proof of a physical exam with in the past 18 months. All grade 3 and 4 students must have a physical exam prior to May 2024. Your child’s healthcare provider’s forms are acceptable. Please indicate on the enclosed form if you will have your child’s healthcare provider perform this physical examination requirement or the school doctor. Many have already sent back the completed physical form, those are on file in the nurse’s office, thank you so much.